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MP says election hoarding boards ‘a necessary evil’

Merewai Duratalo

Electorate hoardings are sticking out like a sore thumb

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Aotearoa is in the thick of an election frenzy but electorate hoardings are sticking out like a sore thumb.

Northcote, in particular, has been covered in blue and red since the election campaign kicked off.

Local Labour MP Shanan Halbert says they are a visual notification for people and that it is time for voters to make a decision and get informed about who they want to vote for.

He says they are a necessary evil because they bring the election to life.

“The only problem that I have is that they are made of plastic, but there isn’t an alternative available for all the parties at the moment.”

He says the number of hoarding boards could possibly be capped in the near future.

A Northcote local, Richard Viniis, says, “There’s quite a bit of them around. I’ve seen a lot of National, seen a lot of Act, but would like to see a few more Green ones.”

A student from Auckland University of Technology, Karlos Croft, says, “There are too many billboards going around in the area, and they are quite swamped in the neighbourhood.”

“It’s not good for the environment as well,” Croft says.

Other local residents said they didn’t have an opinion about the hoardings.

National candidate for Northcote Dan Bidois could not be reached for comment.

Hero image: Shanan Halbert. Photo /Supplied

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