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More passengers on Pacific Explorer cruise ship affected by bed bugs

Paridhi Bakshi

Auckland couple struggling from bed bug bites picked up on the P&O Pacific Explorer cruise ship

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Another Auckland couple are struggling through 'sleepless nights' due to bed bug bites picked up on the P&O Pacific Explorer cruise ship.

Jamie Kirk and her partner were on their 10-day holiday to Tonga and Fiji on the cruise when they started profusely scratching the bed bites on the second day of their trip.

"The room was disgusting, there was previous guest's inventory, half-drunken drinks from the fridge and the bathroom stunk and on day two I woke up with my hands covered in bites. There is definitely a health and safety breach", Kirk said.

When informed about the situation, they said  staff did nothing except change the sheets and offer some wine which was no avail to the couple.

Kirk says she filed a complaint to the company on Friday, November 17th however was shocked to know about denying any complaints filed by the company.

"I had to pay additional fees for laundry and medication, now that I am home I have to get my clothes professionally dry cleaned".

One more passenger came forward complaining about the bed bug bites from the September cruise.

Linda Nelson and her sister were on the Fiji cruise when on the second to last day they started having itchy bite marks on their body.

"We were both badly bitten by bed bugs. P&O are denying there is a problem, my sister and I can confirm there is a problem."

Nelson contacted the company in the hope of receiving some compensation or an apology but received no response.

"We would like at least an apology and some refund for the extra costs of fumigating, doctor's visit etc" Nelson said.

However, the company has already denied allegations of bed bugs in their cruise ships.

"It is a mystery for us too. We have undertaken a comprehensive programme and a thorough investigation but we cannot find any evidence based on this issue," spokesperson from P&O told Newshub.

The company has received the complaints and is reaching out to the impacted but is reluctant to disclose any compensation details.

Hero image: Passengers complained about bed bugs infested from Pacific Explorer Photo credit: Supplied.

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