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Green Party is a Tiriti party - Marama Davidson

Mare Haimona-RikiMaioha Panapa

“Upholding the mana of Te Tiriti is the only way that we are going to protect out planet and people for generations to come,” Green Party co-leader Mar,ama Davidson says

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Green Party co-leader Marama Davidson didn’t mince words when she explained where the Green Party stands regarding the treaty and what she thinks is in people’s and the land’s best interest.

“The Green Party is not a Māori party,” she says.

“The Green party is a Tiriti party. Our party is responsible for upholding the mana of tangata whenua and the mana of tino rangatiratanga... And that is the only way we will protect our planet and people for generations to come.”

Fellow Green Party MP Hūhana Lyndon added to Davidson’s remarks, saying: “Te Tiriti o Waitangi provided the pathway for Pākehā and tauiwi to come to Aotearoa. So, for me, Te Tiriti is the place where we bind and we work together. And I don’t call it a partnership, it’s a Tiriti relationship.”

Final Waitangi Day for James Shaw as Green Party MP

James Shaw announced in January that he will step down from his current co-leadership role with the Green Party - effective from March 2024.

“I want to acknowledge him not only for his focus on climate change but also his listening ear as well,” Lyndon says.

“Because it hasn’t been easy for him, especially as a tauiwi.”

Shaw is recognised for his commitment to environmental issues, social justice and economic sustainability. As a parliamentarian, he has played a crucial role for the Green Party in advocating for policies aimed at addressing climate change, promoting renewable energy and fostering a more equitable society

Hero image: Green Party leaders Marama Davidson and Hūhana Lyndon on the Green Party being a "Tiriti Party". Source / Te Ao News

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